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About Backwoods Clearing and Services

Backwoods Clearing and Services is a family owned, family operated business. I was born in Florida, raised around agriculture, and I have worked in the business most of my life. I have always had a love for the outdoors. I am grateful to serve my customers with my specialized equipment, experience and expertise.
Backwoods Clearing specializes in forestry mulchers that mulch brush and trees. We can cut down a tree up to 12″ diameter and completely mulch it into fine wood chips—in just a few minutes. There is no damage to roots of neighboring trees, no more soil rutting or erosion. Smaller mulch size means it biodegrades more rapidly than larger shreds. The mulch is simply scattered and somewhat tilled into the soil leaving no stumps and no brush piles. We do offer other methods for jobs that require it, like bush hogging for smaller brush and high grass. In addition to our specialized equipment we also have a strong work ethic and go above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction. We currently serve areas throughout the state of Florida.
Thank you for considering us for your land clearing needs.

-Justin Hitzing

Backwoods Equipment

The Gyro-Trac 500HF High-Flow Cutter-head

  • No damage to roots of neighboring ˝Keeper˝ trees
  • No more soil rutting, erosion, and run-off pollution
  • Produce more aesthetically pleasing and environment- friendly mulch
  • The 500HF Mulching Attachment will clear more trees and scrub in less time.
  • Cut down a tree and completely mulch it into fine wood chips—in just a few minutes.
  • Grind dozens of stumps to the ground in less than half a day.
  • Perform rapid, high quality right-of-way maintenance.
  • Clear acres of small trees and underbrush in a single day.
  • Outperform any comparable High-Flow Track Loader or Skid Steer Cutter-head Attachment

The 500HF Cutter-head can cut down 12-inch diameter soft woods and 10-inch diameter hardwoods in minutes.